A Family History book, the second publication by the author, was released in 2011 - A German Pioneer in America: Herman F. A. Roedell, His Ancestors, and His Descendants.  

Read the reviews:

"... I received a book for my birthday!  I have not been able to set it down.  I'm learning a lot that I did not know.  The map and pictures help to understand it all."

                                                                     - June Woolsteen Ray, Madison, Alabama  

"I just finished reading your book.  I really enjoyed it and loved reading about our ancestors."

                                                                     - Linda Woolsteen, Medina, Ohio  



A 2nd Edition of Nature in View: The Mystery of the Monarch Butterfly was released in 2012.

Read the reviews for the first book published by this author in 2008 - Nature in View: The Mystery of the Monarch Butterfly, 1st Edition:

"I teach in a Montessori school and every fall we study Monarchs!!  This book is BY FAR  the most wonderful book I've seen!  The pictures are fabulous and depicts the cycle so well.  Thank your for taking the time to do this for all of us Monarch and butterfly lovers!!" 

                                                                        -  Patty Clarke, Houston, Texas    

" reference to your lovely book......The Biology teacher used the book in class - the Bookkeeper will order [more] before school closes in mid-June." 

                                                                       - Sister Anne James, Clark, New Jersey

"Science is taught in Spanish for grades Kindergarten through 6th.  .....I shared my book in English with the second grade teacher.  They are doing a Butterfly unit right now."

                                                                       - Karen Adams, Sedro Woolley, Washington